Wednesday 2 July 2014

Beach Combing Collage

Children – in my albeit limited – experience, like to come home from walks with pockets full of treasure. I’ve covered things to do withpine-cones in the past, and how great shells can be for water play, but there’s always more than that… driftwood, heather roots, sea glass, leaves and flowers.

And rocks. Oh heavens, the rocks. I mean, I’ve got boxes full of the things – seriously. I reckon 90% of what we took with us when we moved house was boxes of rocks. To make matters worse Daughter remembers them all, so you can’t just subtly drop them into the drive way or rockery as you go – hole-in-the-pocket-Shawshank-style.

Anyway, I’m still working on a solution for the whole rock dilemma, but I thought I’d share one of the collages we made when we were staying in Denmark. This one is possibly my favourite because honestly? It’s pretty and frame-able and done entirely by Daughter – it’s something truly special and unique from our time on Fanoe, rather than one of a gabillion crayon squiggles on printer paper that I’m frequently gifted at home. My only regret is that I didn’t have some nice backing card with me, but then, the whole thing rather took me by surprise. I didn’t know that the girl was going to come up with something so nice.

I literally just sat her at the table with a box full of items, some PVA and a sheet of paper. I guess she remembered the button treethat we made a while back and drew her inspiration from there… though I like to think she was prompted by the landscape. In any case, I suppose my point here is that sometimes it’s nice just to let children create, because when they’re given free-reign, they rarely fail to amaze.

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