Thursday 31 October 2013

Autumn craft #2 - Bling cones

After some very long, very... involved autumn walks, we seem to have a glut of pine cones. And having snapped a horrendously blingy necklace that Daughter insisted on wearing as she slid up and down her grandparents' leather recliner, it made a lot of sense to combine the surviving beads with our enormous pile of pine cones.

These were made so easily, and if done in festive colours would make a lovely addition to any Christmas tree. I'm thinking of getting some fishing wire for them and dangling them in the window so that the irrediscent beads catch the light.

All you need are some pine cones, some beads and some PVA glue. Dunk the pine cones in the glue and cram the beads in between the fins. You could tip some glitter over the top too for extra bling, or if they're specifically for the Christmas tree. You could also paint them green prior to beading them for mini Christmas trees, though perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself... 

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