Monday 30 June 2014

Chocolate box shape matching

This is a cheap, easy activity – presuming you’ve got the tray from a box of chocolates lying around. If you’ve not been as big of a piggie as me – stuffing a whole box in one sitting - a sheet of paper with a variety of shapes drawn on would work just as well. If you’re drawing a tray, it might be nice to do different sizes of the same shape – this could add an element of big vs. small to the game.

Essentially, you just need to give the tray to the child and point to the various shapes.
“What is this shape called?”
“A circle.”
“Can you find any circles in this room/the garden/the car/the magazine that we can put here?”

When they’ve found something, put it in the relevant shaped hole and ask about the next one.

Rinse. Repeat.

N.B. You will note that the tray in our picture contains Silica gel. I would not advise using this in a game with children, obviously. Apparently though, I am not as good at this as Daughter is so…yeah… my shapes included toxic substances. 

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