Friday, 6 December 2013

Christmas Craft #1 - Felt shapes

This is possibly the easiest thing I have ever made. The idea came from a lady in one of the groups I frequent on Facebook - Guiltfreemum, with a great blog, full of ideas - and involves nothing more than a bit of felt and some scissors. The original was a toddler-height wall hanging, but since the felt I had in my craft box was A4 size, that's the size we've made.

All you need to do is cut out a Christmas tree shape in your green, add a pot shape in brown, and cut some shapes from a third colour. I did; square, triangle, circle, rectangle, (a very squiffy-looking) heart, star and flower. These can be used as the baubles. To begin with, I stacked them all up at the side and asked Daughter to pick them out one by one, but that soon dissolved into her just decorating the tree, which is much more fun :) Hopefully, this'll help distract from the real thing when it arrives, though judging from the girl's reaction to those in the Supermarkets, I sincerely doubt that!

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