Wednesday 16 April 2014

An update

Apologies for the recent lack of content. Between dropped nap-times, a house move and many other things in the pipeline, this blog has been dreadfully neglected.

As of March, we are no longer residents of Suffolk. In fact, we're no longer residents of England entirely. I finally made good on my promise to 'go home' and as a result, we're currently living in the north-east of Scotland.

This is where I grew up. The hills, the forests and the standing stones are all the same, but so much else has changed. In the ten years since I last stepped foot in Aberdeen city centre, the town has grown to something unrecognisable - something cosmopolitan, new and... dare I say it? Cool?

But what does all of this mean in real terms? Well... it means that until the purchase of our new house goes through, we are living with my parents. I'm hoping that this means more chances to post as my Mum can watch Daughter while I do so (Hi, Mum, if you're reading). The move also means that there is a whole new library district at our fingertips. And though I can't shower anything but praise upon the Bury St Edmunds children's library, new is always fun... if only for a little while.

And speaking of fun, and books, we've found a brilliant one to share.

There are Cats in this Book by Viviane Schwarz is absolutely fantastic. The narration of the book is essentially three cats, talking to the child. Daughter turned the pages according to the cats' instructions - forwards, back, blowing on the cats to dry them out after a swim and tucking them in with a flap disguised as a blanket. It reminded me a lot of the books by Herve Tullet - specifically Press Here. This is another book in which the child is asked to perform certain tasks which have an impact on the next page. I love how interactive they are without being noisy (battery powered books are a pet hate of mine - you can seldom replace the batteries and so they end up on landfill because the story rarely works without the noises).And Daughter loves them, which I suppose is the main thing. There are Cats in this Book is one of the few that we've borrowed in recent months which I plan on buying a copy of.

Aaah.... it's good to be back.


  1. Welcome back - can`t believe still not caught up. Now bring DD (Darling Daughter) to library to borrow the sequel: There are No Cats In This Book (no honestly!) See you soon hopefully x

    1. There's a sequel!? When are you next at work? We'll come see you :)

    2. Newmachar Library 2.30 - 5 Tues & Thurs I`ll try and find that book!