Thursday 1 November 2012

Books, glorious books!

You've not heard from me for a while, and I'm sorry for that. If I say 'ear infection, migraines and family visits' I'll let your imagination do the rest.

But I'm back, with an amazing link for all the young, budding writers out there. It's National Novel Writing Month, don't you know? The idea behind the thing is that you write a 50,000 word book by doing 1667 words per night. The young writers' program sets the word-target a tad lower though, and offers lots of really interesting challenges for budding authors. If you've got an older child interested in penning a great work then this is a wonderful way to start them off - you can always write alongside them too and see how you both get on...

Will be back soon - got a post lined up about reducing non-food item costs, Wrap vs Sling vs Buggy, and some Meg and Mog reviews.


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