Thursday 18 October 2012

Homemade veggie burgers- low cost, low fat, low effort. Win.

If you're looking for something cheap, healthy and low in fat, these veggie burgers are amazing.

You need:

1 can of Basics kidney beans (20p)
1 onion - very finely diced (19p)
1 red pepper - from a bag of basics peppers, based on there being 4 in a bag(32p)
1 cooking apple - (40p ish)
Breadcrumbs - free, if you let your stale bread go hard over night and then blend
1 egg - (16.7p based on current Sainsbury's offer of 12 free range eggs for £2)
Spice with curry powder and season to taste (optional)

This works out at 20p per burger. When you factor in your bread (cheaper homemade, but you can get 6x Kingsmill 50/50 rolls for £1, so 16.7p per roll), salad (£1 for a bag of rocket) and wedges (a few pence for the tatties?) this comes to around 60p per person. REALLY cheap, filling and tasty.

Finely chop your veg and mash your beans, stir to a paste and add the egg and breadcrumbs until the mixture resembles meat and will hold together when you squeeze it. Shape into burgers (something fun for little hands?) this should make at least 6, depending on how big your burgers are. Fry off in a little oil on a low heat and serve with homemade potato wedges.

These are a great way to use up very bruised fruit/veg. You can also get the cost down further by making your own bread rolls/growing your own salad/serving with mash, gravy and frozen veg.

For those waiting on more book reviews, I promise I do have things in the pipeline, but right now we're so busy reading Usbourne's First Thousand Words that even Norman has fallen a little by the wayside!

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  1. Yay ! Thanks for sharing (Off topic FSOT BW)
    I will let you know how that turns out for us :) Very nice blog you have there mama , I love all the crafty ideas for little hands !