Wednesday 2 November 2011

Toys and butternut squash

Why is it that no matter which fun, noisy toys you give a child, they still want the sweetie paper you're trying to hide from them?

Anyways, yesterday I made a butternut squash soup which both Daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed.

Basically, you chop a butternut squash into cubes and boil it up in milk. If you're paranoid about milk, you can use water but the soup won't be as flavoursome. You add 3 cloves of chopped garlic and the wait until the squash is soft. Blend it all into a puree and place a small portion aside for baby, whilst you add chopped choritzo to your own bowl. The salty, spicy meat makes up for the lack of stock, whilst the sweet, creamy squash and milk compliment it wonderfully.

I'm trying to come up with more recipes like this, where I don't have to give Daughter food that is different from ours. I will let you know what else I come up with...


  1. sounds great! before our bean was able to deal with chunkier food, we just ran basically anything we ate through a food mill and added a bit of water to make it easier to swallow. easy peasy.

  2. Oh wow - I am the worst person ever at noticing comments! Thanks for the advice - we did the same for a little while but since Daughter is afraid for the blender, it didn't last long! :)