Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Tot Rock at Bury St Edmunds Library, and Tadpole Tunes

Round about the time of the Jubilee, Daughter's nursery held a big picnic with Jo Jingles. Seeing Bub enjoying the music session, I decided that I should have another go at this whole baby-related socialising whack. Being the big book freak that I am, the library's Tot Rock session, run by Book Start, seemed like the logical next step.

This is a free half hour session of singing and play. The little ones are encouraged to run around, join in with song actions and interact with the grown ups in the room. There were lots of props for songs like 'five little ducks' and 'Old MacDonald' and plenty of dinosaurs, which can never be a bad thing.
The numbers were limited to 25 per session, which I was a little sad about to begin with, however seeing how much space even such a small number of children and their buggies took up, I could understand why. When I go back, I will be going without everything but Daughter and her library books to change.

Whilst Daughter had a great time, and whilst I will definitely be going back, I decided that I also wanted to do another musical activity with my little girl. Don't get me wrong, the library staff (who are getting to know us by name!) and the lady running the sing along were wonderful, but a lot of the other parents didn't seem to want to chat and for me, the social element of a group like this is easily as important as the play.

So, the other music group. Cue: Tadpole Tunes. I love the set up here - 35 minutes of musical fun, 25 minutes of coffee and cake. Win. We've been going for a while now and Daughter really seems to be coming on. In the classes we've been learning about 'people who help us' - now, whenever she sees an emergency vehicle, she says "nee naw". I don't know whether it's a coincidence or not, but her speech has been coming far faster since we started going

My advice for anyone looking to find a music group would be to go along to Tot Rock. If you like it, great. If you feel there's something lacking, then I'd definitely say you should research something like Tadpole Tunes, if you're not from this area. Other names to watch out for are: Kindermusik and Jo Jingles.

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