Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Cabbage 2

I doubted, but once again, folk lore has served me well!

Behold! The boobs which have not fed and yet which do not feel like gala melons!


Yes, that's right. I managed to go the whole day without doing a booby feed and as a result I feel awesome. Well...

I would feel awesome, were it not for the fact that I'm also teaching Daughter to sleep in her own bed at nap time. I understand why it makes sense to do it now, but I'm also worried about missing out on her precious, tiny, cuddly phase where she can sprawl across me, chest to chest.

I know I'll probably be glad that I did this in a few years time when I can say to her, "It's bedtime, love, off you go," and not have a battle on my hands, but right now I feel a bit like I'm missing out. C'est la vie, eh? Can't have everything.

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