Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Net Mums

Oh lord. A forum.

I'm doomed.

In other news, it's blowing a gale here so me and Daughter are all bundled up against the elements. We were supposed to go to the doctors for a - rather late - immunisation, but they called to say that the nurse wasn't available and have rebooked us for a fortnight's time.

I'm glad on two counts - I'd have had to walk with an under dressed Daughter (really need some winter togs!), and Daughter is so constipated today that she is howling in pain as she strains to poop. The Internet has been supremely unhelpful and is full of smug mothers (who I will now call Smothers) whose only comments seem to be, 'breastfed babies don't get constipated'. Great. Thanks for that. What about the devilish formula feeders? Do we just deserve what we get?


Well, just called the Health Visitor. Apparently pre-mixed formula can cause poopage, as well as water and very diluted orange juice. So for anyone else out there with a constipated formula-fed babe, there are your answers. So, to the supermarket I go! Orange juice and pre-mixed formula here we come!

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