Thursday 6 September 2012

Super-saving September #6 - a day out, recipe verdicts and the first of the treats

With Husband no longer working conventional hours, we were able to have a really lovely day out as a family today. We took Daughter to the library as soon as it opened this morning - at 8.30am. Yes, after a slow and leisurely breakfast, an hour and a half of  general playtime and a run around the garden, the outside world was finally beginning to wake up.

It was actually wonderful being out at that time - the library in Bury is usually packed on a Thursday because of the Tot Rock session, but there wasn't another soul there with us. After a very giggly half hour choosing books, we went off to the Abbey Gardens which has, without doubt, the best free-to-access play park I have ever seen. With a tree house, sand-pit with water pump and amazing swing set and slides, this filled a very happy hour with Daughter and Husband until we all started to get a little peckish. We were very restrained though, and went home to a lovely lunch of homemade bread with pate, followed by these amazing carrot cakes.

I didn't have any cake-casings so I just took some ramekin dishes which Mum gave me (originally from bought puddings) and lined them with baking paper. Not cheaper than cake-cases, but I think they have a real charm to them. I think next time I have people round, I'll make these to serve with a green tea frozen yogurt, if I ever get my grubby mits on some matcha green tea powder... I used the recipe from Netmums, but added chopped walnuts and linseed. The walnuts were just because I fancied adding them, but I've been told that linseed/flaxseed can help with depression, so I'm hurling these babies into just about everything I make!

So yes, two free activities in town, a lovely lunch at home and some cakey goodies. I'd call that a win. Other than the parking, no money spent today.

Dinner for the last two nights has been well received, by the way. Daughter chomped down the bolognese with gusto, even if Husband clarted his in ketchup (he does this with any bolognese mind you, so don't let that put you off making it). The lasagne was especially lovely as I dolloped a spoonful of soft cheese into the white sauce.

I am missing juice cartons to give to Daughter, and I'll need to get both white and brown sugar before very long.  And dishwasher tablets. But I reckon all of the above can wait until the milk top-up shop next week so I might not have to spend anything else for a while.

My mission now though is to source an office chair for Husband and a duvet and pillow for Daughter. Anyone have any ideas?


  1. Unsure whether you want the chair for free or cheap some ideas are ebay there are really cheap office chairs on there. Alternatively, have you got a local scrapyard/ house clearance place so often they are really good quality but thrown out. Just trying to follow your blog but can not see the follow button going to try and do it through adding the web address to my blogger hope it works. great post I love saving money!

  2. Put a wanted add on freecycle?