Thursday 5 September 2013

Miranda the Explorer by James Mayhew and Mondays at Monster School by Ruth Louise Symes

Orion Publishers very kindly sent me some summer children's books for over the holidays, so I enlisted the help of my friendly, neighbourhood five year old to help with these reviews:

Ewan, Age 5– review of Miranda the Explorer I liked the bit when she flew away best. This is a good book. I liked when Miranda flew to Paris as I would like to go there. Miranda goes to different countries.

Ewan's Mummy - Miranda the Explorer
Another fun book in which a little girl has a big adventure...however for a 5 year old who hasnt travelled anywhere out of England I dont think my son really understood the ifact she was travelling to different countries...maybe better for a slighly older child with more understanding of the world around them.

Ewan, Age 5 – review of Monday’s at Monster School. Fred and Ted go mud splashing at monster school. I could read this book all on my own to Mummy. The monsters were scared of going to school but they had fun when they went. It was funny reading about what they eat, I don’t want to eat stink worms or dung beetles! Ewan's Mummy - Mondays at Monster School. This is a really lovely book either to read to a child soon to be starting school or for an older child to read for themselves. My 5 year old son loved reading about Fred and Ted and giggled lots and lots. It also helped him with the return to school and the move to a new class as he said i remember being scared of starting reception and then I had fun like Fred and Ted....

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