Tuesday 2 October 2012


So the Super-scrimping month of September is at an end.

This has been a really interesting exercise, and whilst I won't say anything drastic like 'it's changed my life completely', it has made me think a great deal about the way I shop and the things I buy. Interestingly, the area I've felt the biggest change in hasn't been food. It's been clothes. I'd forgotten how validating and... well, cheap, it is to buy second hand.  

I've done another huge order from Approved Food, so have enough sprouting salad things, nettle tea and raisins to last a while. I'm glad I was a little restrained with the unbranded muesli though - even in a breakfast bread from my awesome bread-machine book it was fairly bland. Back to Sainsbury's own brand then... unless anyone can suggest a good granola recipe? Ideally one which employs the millions of breadcrumbs I have.

This month is (yet another) month of watching the pennies. Whilst work is incoming, payment is generally a few months behind. Budgeting here has become something of a necessity...

So, if you want me to keep posting the budgeting/frugal things, let me know. Or should I get back to doing more book/baby product reviews and weaning ideas? What are your thoughts? :)


  1. I am on a budget and am looking for a cheap bread maker as we go through a lot of bread! Do you know any good budget slow cooking meals? Victoria

    1. My breadmaker was unwanted so I never looked at any others, but I absolutely LOVE it. This is the current version, though I can't see whether you can make jam in it or not from the website: http://www.morphyrichards.co.uk/products/cooking-and-baking/breadmakers/48330-Daily-Loaf-Breadmaker.html

      I'll do a big slow-cooker post soon :) I make a lot of things in mine so am looking forward to sharing the recipes!


  2. The breadmaker looks fab!

    Thank you! Ive bought a food shop for just slow cooker recipes ive found! :) x