Friday 3 August 2012

Ten Wriggly Wiggly Caterpillars by Debbie Tarbett

Whilst on holiday in Shropshire, Daughter's doting Nannan bought her this lovely book. As Daughter is really into posting at the moment, the little holes in the cover for the 3D caterpillars were just the thing for little fingers to explore. As a result, Ten Wriggly Wiggly Caterpillars is another new title to add to our shelf of favourites.  

This fun rhyme counts backwards from ten, through pages of bright, busy illustrations. The caterpillar buttons are wonderful for small fingers to poke at and feel, whilst the holes provide hours of entertainment. Whether we're poking our fingers through for her to grab, or the other way round, it creates lots of laughter and interaction.

There isn't really much more to add on this - for our purposes, it's rather perfect at present. 

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