Monday, 12 September 2011


I often forget about car boot sales. Ebay being as it is, you can get items shipped to your door for a fraction of the price that you'd pay in the shop and you can go hunting for them any time - day or night.

Only a car boot sale is better. You can pick up five glorious hardback books for less and a pound and not have to pay postage costs.

I stumbled upon 'The Year at Maple Hill Farm' for 20p and am so enamoured with the pictures that I'm going to get another copy, cut the best ones out and frame them to decorate my rather untidy nursery.

I also found The old car by Elisabeth Borchers (which amazon can not provide me with a picture of), and Bringing Down the Moon by Jonathan Emmett.

But bargain books aside. I'd forgotton about boot-sales as a way to save money. In recent years they've become nothing more than away to rid my home of clutter. As an avenue for making my dwindling maternity payments stretch further, I will be keeping an eye out for more sales!

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