Monday, 11 November 2013

My Grandmother's Clock - Geraldine McCaughrean and Stephen Lambert

What a wonderful little story. This is another of the books we grabbed last time we visited the library and it seems like we picked a good bunch.

My Grandmother's Clock is basically a reported conversation between a child and their grandmother. It covers everything from the moment an eye blinks to the way the years pass. It'd spoil it to report everything bit by bit, so I really do urge you to go out and find a copy.

We had a lot of fun digging out 'Hello Children Everywhere' and listening to 'My Grandfather's Clock'. We also have a Ladybird book about time which has lots of wonderful activities in it - counting clocks in the house, looking at the different kinds of clocks and talking about the various points during the day that things happen - lunch, nap time etc. I also made a somewhat lack-lustre attempt at a Morning Board for my fridge, using magnetic paper, but given that we're not at home right now, that's sort of fallen by the wayside.

Frankly though, most of what we've done with this book is to sit back and enjoy it. It's one of those rare, special stories which need cuddles and quiet time.

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