Monday 3 September 2012

Super-saving September #4

And we're off. Tomorrow we'll be rocketing down the road.

Before I go though, I thought I'd leave you with some tips for keeping costs down.
  • Pack light - the less weight your car has to carry, the less fuel you'll use
  • Check your tyre pressure - again, the correct pressure for what you're carrying means less fuel
  • Take a packed lunch - I got to the supermarket the night before setting off and scour the reduced section for things like quiche and scotch eggs. Last time, I got a fancy spring vegetable quiche for 22p. Nicer than a pre-made sandwich and as cheap as a homemade one. 
  • If you don't have ice packs, freeze bottles of water - don't fill them all the way up, of course, but if you leave around a third of a plastic water bottle empty, then bung it in the freezer to pack with your picnic, you'll keep your lunch chilled and by the time you come to eat, your water should have melted.
  • Plan your stops - you know how many miles your car does to the gallon. Fill up on leaving home and look for supermarkets around where you're likely to need a top up. By not filling up on the motorway, you'll save a fair bit, and if you haven't taken food with you then you can pick some up cheaply.
You guys have to let me know if any of this is helpful. I feel so, so preachy writing about this - almost like I'm saying, "I've got it all figured out." I totally haven't. If any of you can offer any of your own tips I would be really grateful!

Today Husband and I managed to save some pennies - my Mum volunteers in a charity shop and whilst popping in to see her today I managed to get a pair of jeans for £4.99, a ride on rocking elephant for Daughter at the same price, a Golddigga belt for £1.20, a pair of 12-18 month shorts and a pair of baby flip flops for a total of £15.25. I needed all of the above anyway (Daughter will tell you just how much our home was lacking before the elephant arrived if you ask her) so I have saved a fortune there. We also managed to get a second hand Little Life Explorer - which I'll be reviewing in the next week or so- for £30 instead of £90. This is something we've been scouting out for a while, so I'm thrilled to have saved £60.

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