Monday, 5 September 2011


As I continue to cut down on breast feeds, I've found myself becoming increasingly uncomfortable. According to google, applying cabbage leaves to the boob is the answer so despite feeling like a total berk, I have resolved to give it a try.

Oh lord. Imagine what would happen if I got hit by a car.

The victim was a young woman with an obscene amount of keys and cabbage leaves stuffed down her bra. She may or may not have recently eaten her body weight in cheap knock-off Cadbury style buttons - Police have refused to comment.

In other news, Daughter seems to be getting the hang of this sleep thing (though now I've said that we'll be up all night!) so today I got to start reading The Other Hand by Chris Cleave and do some yoga to aid my hips, all while she was having a nap. I'm using the Yoga for Stress Relief DVD at the moment because it has a section specifically for sore hips, but I am also going to try Erin O'Brien's Complete Pregnancy Fitness when I'm feeling more energetic. I don't think I need the postnatal workout - and I know my husband won't participate - but I feel I should use the DVD since I bought it and barely touched it while I was carrying Daughter.

So yeah... more on how we progress tomorrow!


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