Wednesday 6 November 2013

Star Seeker, A Journey to Outer Space - by Theresa Heine and Viuctor Tavares

Another of this month's library books, Star Seeker is a lovely collection of little verses about various things in outer space.  For Daughter, it's just a series of nice little poems and wonderful pictures, but for older children I think it'd serve as a great 'jumping off' point to explore the solar system. There is a wonderful section at the back where things change from fiction to fact, providing some information about the constellations and planets mentioned in the poems.

"I'll hunt with Orion,
We'll stalk the dark night;

On the bridle of Pegasus
We'll trap a gold light."

The mention of the planet/constellation names, and the little snippets of information about the gods they're named after means that you could also use this to open discussions about the Greek and Roman pantheons if the child shows an interest.

 I think this is a book I'm going to have to buy. If only so I can justify a home planetarium. I mean, who doesn't want a universe in their living room?

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