Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Bath, bed, bottle.

My mother told me the other day that the bedtime routine of 'bath, bed, bottle' never fails so dutifully, I began to instigate it. The bath, to my great surprise, was the easy part. Though Daughter hated baths initially, working one into her day was a doddle. I decided to ignore the books again and didn't make the water blood temperature as was suggested, but rather comfortably warm on my elbow. It made all the difference and now baths are no longer the stuff of nightmares.

Bed has always been fairly easy. It's only in the last week or so that Daughter has decided she'd rather not sleep by herself so as long as we don't give in to this current trend, there shouldn't be an issue there.

As for bottle though...

You may (or may not) have read my musings on formula vs breastfeeding but after much careful deliberation, I decided to give up the hardest* feed of the day. My idea was to give Daughter a bottle of formula before bed to give myself a little break from the hormonal rush, give Husband some quality time with Daughter and to allow myself to get some cleaning done.

Daughter had other ideas though. Whilst she's always taken a bottle of expressed milk fairly easily, she absolutely would not take the formula. So, disheartened and miserable after 30 minutes of crying and with only 40mls gone, I decided to resort to the good ol' boobies.

I decided not to take it as defeat though. I've got a few different types of formula to try her with, and if that doesn't work... well, I bought baby rice. I know Daughter is too young now, but rather than getting down about having to continue with breastfeeding, I thought I could focus on the fact that soon, I won't have to do it so often anyway.

*Hard on account of the low milk supply and D-MER.

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