Wednesday 8 August 2012

Animal Colours by Nicola Killen

Animal Colours by Nicola Killen was another of the books which Egmont sent to us, just before we left on our trip to Shropshire. I started off by sharing my favourite titles in the pack, but thought I'd move on to the one that Daughter seems to enjoy the most.

This book is composed of a two page spread for each colour, folding out to cover three pages and reveal the animal. The flaps are a lovely addition and really help to keep little people interested in the book. They also provide hours of entertainment when Mummy pokes her fingers through and waves around a bit, then catches Daughter's fingers on their way to the other side. Honestly. The miles from Bury just flew by in peals of glorious toddler laughter.

Whilst this title lacked the obvious retro charm of the Orla Kiely books, it did take me back a bit, putting me in mind of the Spot the Dog series by Eric Hill. Lots of clean white backgrounds but with enough going on and lots of bright colours to keep Daughter interested.If I can hold my girl's strong little finger back from cramming my hand through the flap window, we can talk about the non-animal things in the pictures and try to find some about the house.

All in all, a really lovely read and one which I know we'll enjoy again.

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