Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Reusable nappies and affordable washing machines – in association with Argos

So, I know I promised you some of my feelings regarding slings and things, but true to form, I got distracted and thought I’d talk a little about buying an affordable washing machine instead – something I figured might be of interest to the washable nappy users amongst you. Or to anyone who just needs a new washing machine and doesn’t want to shell out loads for the privilege.

 In any case, I’m a half-and-half sort of a mamma when it comes to nappies– long car trips to Scotland and ease-of-use for Daughter’s lovely nursery staff means that disposables feature in my life a little more than I’d like. I’m a washables sort at heart.

 Aside from anything else, the cost of 20 or so good quality washable nappies tends to be around £230 new and these nappies usually fit your baby for around 2 years. The cost of disposables can run as high as £480 in just 12 months - more than double in just a single year! As if all that extra cash wasn’t enough, a lot of women site the environment as a reason for choosing cloth nappies over disposables. Studies have shown, however, that there is little difference in terms of carbon emissions when it comes to disposable vs. reusable nappies. But this is primarily down to the way reusables are laundered.

 Which is why a decent, good value-for-money, washing machine is an absolute necessity. It’s no use looking at an all-singing, all-dancing appliance if you don’t have the money to buy it, after all. Above is a great link which showcases a massive range of brands and designs. Obviously, your family’s needs and budget will be the deciding factor in any purchase of new appliances, but there are a few other things you might want to think about in regards to making reusable nappies a more environmentally friendly option than disposables.

 Firstly, it’s important to purchase a machine as close to the ‘A grade’ as possible. This score lets you see how energy efficient what you’re buying is. The better the rating, the less power the washing machine is going to use and the cheaper it’ll be to run over time. Purchasing one with a tumble dryer function might also be a good idea for nappies in the winter months, though bear in mind that combination machines sometimes retail for a higher price than a washing machine on its own. Using a dryer for your nappies would also significantly cut back on any environmental advantage they have over disposables.

 Looking at reviews can also be really helpful – finding experiences of people in a similar situation to your own lets you see the machine’s strengths and weaknesses when it comes to your personal needs. For example, features I’ve found helpful include the quick wash cycle and timer function – brilliant if you’re using economy 7 power – and both of these are things I’d never have thought to look out for were it not for reading the reviews which featured alongside product information when I was trying to buy a washing machine.

 As usual with these things, it’s just about finding what works for you and your family. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to nappies, or when it comes to washing machines, for that matter. As long as you buy from a trusted name at a decent price, you’re sure to come out smiling.

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