Tuesday, 20 September 2011


At eleven o'clock today, Daughter will be going for her second round of jabs. She should have had these months ago, but due to the house move and an upset tummy, I postponed it until now.

I was wracked with terrible guilt after her first course of injections. Just before the needle went in, my little girl looked up at me and offered the biggest smile she'd ever given. Then there was a look of horror and then the screaming started. I felt as though I'd betrayed that big cheesy grin.

I know she won't remember this - I don't remember my immunisations, after all. I still feel pretty mean though, getting her up from a nice long nap, offering a bottle and a snuggle and then presenting her for needle jabbing...

Urgh. Listen to me. I meant for this blog to be a place where I could talk about all the wonderful things that Daughter does, without boring my friends to bits and its become a dumping ground for every bitch and moan I ever had. I will endeavour to be more positive in future.

Over and out.

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