Wednesday, 31 August 2011


As regular readers will know, bottles are a fairly big deal for me. It took me ages to talk myself into switching from breast to formula milk, and I wanted the easiest bottles to use out there. As a maker of preserves, I know about 100 different ways to sterilise glass jars so I thought I'd go down the route of glass bottles, however finding them is far harder than you might expect. None of my local shops had any whilst I was looking so in the end, I chose Avent because though they're owned by Philips, the bottles are still made in England. And whilst the plastic ones can be recycled when they come to the end of their - relatively short - life, its not as easy to do as with durable glass, which can just be taken down to the nearest supermarket and tossed in with the remnants of Mum and Dad's tipple from the previous evening.

As with all things, I should have checked online before making my purchase.  Born Free do a nice range,  as do Green to Grow. And if you're not a fan of buying from amazon, the nice, hippie-friendly company Spirit of Nature now sell the German brand Emil. Score.

As discussed in a previous post, I found breastfeeding really harsh on account of the D-MER which I suffered from. IF - and it's a giant 'if' - I were to ever brave labour again, I would  probably just bite the bullet straight off, stack up on some of the Emil bottles and go straight on the formula after baby had done with the colostrum. But, as I say, BIG if.

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