Saturday 5 October 2013

My Granny Went to Market, by Stella Blackstone and Christopher Corr

We're so lucky in Bury St Edmunds to have an excellent children's library. Set within a room of windows and with colour everywhere, it's little wonder that this place is Daughter's favourite spot in town.

Last time we were there, Daughter discovered My Granny Went to Market, and life hasn't really been the same since.

Yep. I think we might have a contender for Norman in terms of Daughter's favourite book. This is a fantastically colourful story, with loads of detailed illustrations to keep little people's attention from wandering off. Daughter particularly liked the Mexican masks - described only as blue, yellow and pink, the blue and yellow ones actually depicted the sun and moon, which she noticed herself. It's when she clocks these sorts of things that I'm blown away by how perceptive kids are, and its nice to see that this book doesn't patronise them.

I love the whole premise of the tale too - a magic carpet which goes around the world and finds all kinds of amazing things for Granny! The counting element is nice, and gives great scope for a story sack - something we've yet to try. For slightly older children, it becomes a gateway to the globe - give them a world map, see if they can find the places mentioned and then search for some books about them.

So yes, you've not heard the last of this yet, and apparently, neither have I.  

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