Monday, 30 July 2012

Munchkin Portable High Chair review.

Few things please me more than multipurpose, space saving baby things.

I love the Stokke Tripp Trapp chair and Sleepi bed that we have for Daughter because of their clever design. Despite no longer sterilising bottles, I've still got our Avent microwave steam steriliser because I can use it for jam jars.

My latest baby kit of choice is the Munchkin Portable High Chair, something my Mum picked up for Daughter and I when it was on sale in Morrisons.

This is simply brilliant. This height adjustable seat straps onto any chair with a back and allows baby to sit up to the table with you wherever you are. The seat itself folds out of a flap on the front of the bag, whilst the main body serves as the booster. Although most of the satchel is made up of the plastic which forms the seat base, this is still really light as the centre is hollowed out for storage.

For a toddler, this is just brilliant - when you no longer have to carry around the various newborn paraphernalia, this little cubby-hole is the perfect size for a few nappies, some baby wipes and a change of clothes. I don't think it would do for any little one who isn't one three solid meals a day, but it depends how much of a minimalist your baby is and how much of their things you're willing to carry in your own bag or pockets.

Daughter really seems to love it. The cheery fabric and the fact she's sitting on a grown up chair has gone down well. Also, being able to pull her right in to the table while we're out - as we do with the Tripp Trapp at home - adds an element of comfort for her.

And for the price - a meagre £16.95 on at time of writing - you can't really go wrong.

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