Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Shoes and sketches

My mum and dad were down visiting over the weekend - which provided a lovely respite from Daughter as I groaned in the background with a nasty stomach bug. I did manage to get up to pick at a nice lunch out both days, to rummage the charity shops and get Daughter her first pair of shoes.

We went to Shoephoric in Bury St Edmunds, which - aside from having a terribly amusing pun for a name - was a great choice for that most shoe-fetishist-mother-friendly of baby milestones.I swear, between the very helpful staff and my mum, it's no wonder that Daughter continues to hug her shoes at regular intervals, three days on.

What made this place note-worthy was the really professional way in which Daughter's shoes were fitted and the fact that in celebration of her first ever footwear, she was made a big fuss of. We got a little cloth bag to put her shoes in, a pair of socks and a fridge magnet picture of her with daddy, showing off her new clobber. I would highly recommend this place for anyone locally.

We also managed to score Daughter a Tomy Megasketcherfrom our local EACH charity shop. This has possibly been the single most successful toy we have. Ours isn't as shiny as the one pictured above, being several years older, but for someone just learning how to draw it's amazing. There's no issues with Daughter chewing the 'pen' to shreds like she does with crayons, it helps her learn that she can only draw in certain places and most importantly for me, it stops her books from being improved.

On the topic of books, I'd like to ask that y'all head on over to the Bookstart20 page and see if you can 'share' 20 books. It's in celebration of the Book Start scheme, which ensures that children everywhere have access to reading. I'll be sharing our top 20 list soon enough - guess which slug with the silly shell is at number one? - but it'll have to wait until I've recovered a wee bit!

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