Monday, 29 August 2011

Teething things

As promised, here is a list of interesting teething things I've found. In the end, after considering many options, I decided on a Baltic amber necklace from Dino Daisy, and a little teething toothbrush which Daughter can hold herself and chew on.

Other things I came across though include, the rather attractive Waldorf Maple Teether Natural Teething Ring because as previously stated, I'm really a big hippie and the wood appeals to my sense of 'natural is best'. I also thought about the Nuby Fun Keys Teether Ring because Daughter is fascinated by my car keys and I killed the previous key teether I had by trying to sterilise it.

Apparently gummy things don't sterilise well... I will let you know how I get on with my order when it arrives, and tell you whether or not the amber works. Apparently the Succinic acid in the amber is released by heat from the skin and has an analgesic effect. It's like a nicotine patch, I guess... I'm willing to try, in any case, despite being slightly sceptical*. If nothing else, I'll have a pretty amber bracelet at the end of this.

*For those looking for a well considered pinch of salt, I would recommend reading this page.

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